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I received a response to an email requesting help in finding a Camellia Swan Lake from Sharon Reeve. However, although I appreciated the response and her comments, I did not find this very helpful.  The email included a website that I could click on to find gardening centers that had recently ordered the plant I am looking for.  When I clicked on the link, it brought me here, where I am now and there was nowhere to go to search for garden centers.

I have contacted my local garden center, Bark and Garden, Olympia, who told me they could not order one for me but I could order on line and from Monrovia and have the plant delivered to them in their next shipment.  I am unable to find their name in the list of garden centers that you provide on your website, even though they have many, many Monrovia plants. They have told me they are unable to special order this for me, so I am assuming they are not "registered" with you.  Before contacted Monrovia I contact two garden centers in the Seattle area and they promised to call if they receive a shipment.

The Swan Lake is such a beautiful plant I do not believe it will stay in the store very long, so feel my time is limited.

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